Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hutsulshchyna alpine heaven

On our second day we spent an idyllic day riding around the valleys and woods surrounding the farm and discovered some amazing rock outcrops. The wild flowers were truly wonderful and possibly the best we have ever seen but I always say that until we find another Alpine heaven.

This thought provoking cross depicts the place of a murder where a local traveler was jumped upon by someone who did not have his interests at heart. We were later informed the murderer was found and hanged for his grim deed. This interesting historical fact did not help us warm to the idea of traveling through the mountains accompanied by two unknown horsemen who were perpetually on their mobile phones to their girlfriends. After a while Melissa pointed out Vasyl was very good looking with a movie star smile and perfectly harmless. His accomplice Andriy, not to be confused with our interpreter, was equally charming and a touch shy. During the days ride we started to relax and lunch over a fire with toasted pigs fat, bread and other fine morsels sealed our friendship.

Melissa and I have travelled to many Alpine heavens in Eastern Europe and the wild flowers in Hutsulshchyna take some beating. This is me taking a rest and soaking up the sheer beauty of the mountains. Just think if this perfection was shattered by a 4X4 or quadbike, it doesn't bare thinking about but some idiot will be thinking how to make a fast buck at the cost of nature?

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